Software as a Service


Web-based software, cloud computing and especially software as a service (SaaS) are now part of everyday life. Nowadays, everybody has at least one desktop or mobile device. What makes software innovative is not its functionality alone, but the way in which it meets users' needs. Web-based software can only enjoy success if it is accessible to everyone and is user-friendly. CAESTLEY Software is a SaaS provider that follows these principles. Software as a service: Always available and highly secure. Easy and simple - just like pen and paper.


ROOSTLE Duty roster

ROOSTLE duty roster is very easy to use - just like pen and paper. Just add people, assign them to a department and work with your own defined duties (e. g. early duty, late shift, vacation, absence). You can also generate reports at the click of a button.



PREMIUM LYRICS is an innovative lyrics library through which songwriters offer their song lyrics for licensing, and musicians can purchase a licence to use them in a private or professional manner.